Upcoming Mission Trips

El Salvador Trip / June 2024

June 08, 2024 to June 16, 2024
San Salvador, El Salvador
The GCLA Church in San Salvador has developed multiple initiatives to meet practical needs in their community. These initiatives include a medical clinic, dental clinic, and a CDI (Centro de Desarrollo Infantil, or in English, a Child Development Center). This Mission Group will assist the local church in evangelism efforts, helping at the CDI, and there is a possibility construction work.
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Pikeville, KY Trip / June 2024

June 09, 2024 to June 14, 2024
Pikeville, Kentucky
This summer, join the *Family Mission trip* to Pikeville, Kentucky, and help rebuild a small rural community that was devastated by a flood in 2021. By participating in this mission trip, you will have the opportunity to serve local families with home repairs and Kids Club programs, bringing helping hands to places often forgotten or ignored by national news. *Please note that the minimum age requirement for participation is 10 years old.*
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New York, NY Trip / July 2024

July 28, 2024 to August 02, 2024
New York City, New York
This summer, join the Students Mission trip to New York City and make a difference in the lives of those who are struggling. In partnership with the Salvation Army and other inner-city organizations, we will work together to meet the tangible daily needs of people in need. This often includes helping in soup kitchens or food distribution pantries, working with kids, or distributing water bottles to people experiencing homelessness. *Please note that this trip is exclusively for high school students (grades 9-12) and CedarCreek student leaders.*
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Dominican Republic Trip / September 2024

September 13, 2024 to September 22, 2024
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
The GCLA Church in Santo Domingo has developed a leprosy colony to serve people who may otherwise be overlooked and neglected by the community. This Mission Group will assist the local church in evangelism efforts, and there is a possibility of construction work.
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